Take the Insanity Challenge

It is official I have taken an extreme challenge to get beach body ready. If you didn’t already guess it…I am taking the Insanity challenge. Insanity consists of a 60-day program where you work your entire body in ways you never expect you could. Personal trainer Shaun T is the inventor and person on the DVDs talking you through all of the movements.

The DVDs are priced at $119.85! That is extremely pricey especially on the college kid budget but luckily for me my brother bought the program.

I never believed in at home work outs simply because you easily can slack off and not do that. With the Insanity program you may not want to do it but taking a peek at all of the success stories is so much motivation to keep on going. Personally I just keep reassuring myself that 60 days isnt’ really that long and that it will totally be worth come July.

I would strongly recommend the Insanity program to anyone out there. It is a combination of cardio, conditioning, and of course strength. I love the program even though it kicks my butt everyday.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!


Living Healthy in a Three Year Old’s Mind

SophiaSophia is a three year-old who has her own view of living healthy. She made the switch from ice cream to a more healthy frozen yogurt without even knowing it (thanks to her mom she still thinks its ice cream that she’s eating). Also for exercise she loves to dance!

Exercise: Zumba Fitness for Dummies

Exercising in front of people was never a thrilling thing for me. I prefer to exercise alone in my own home and maybe have a friend or two join. And I especially enjoy exercising when it involved dancing. Who doesn’t love to dance and burn a few calories at the same time? So, I went to my local GameStop and bought Zumba Fitness for Xbox Kinect. The one I bought was the original version. I bought this one because it was the cheaper out of the wide arrangement of fitness games.

Zumba Fitness for Xbox Kinect

Zumba was always something I wanted to try but felt weird busting a move with a group of older women that I didn’t know.

As soon as I got home I put it in the Xbox and started playing. The set up was easy and pretty much self-explanatory. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to get started playing uploaded to Youtube by Howcast Tech & Gadgets.

When I was getting started I played a few of the tutorials. I would definitely recommend doing the tutorials. I feel like it helped me get a grasp for what a class would be like without having to do the full class. Then I attempted a full class and like the woman in the video said for every move you get perfect you get bonus points! Getting bonus points can always be a rewarding thing but the voice in the game encourages you to keep going by telling you just how great you’re doing! The game was a little hard to get the hang of and extremely exhausting. But, I felt like it was a great work out. I really enjoyed playing and with a group of people you know it can be even more fun!

Diane Villone said, “Zumba is a great exercise tool. I’m burning tons of calories and learning new dance moves while exercising!”

The Zumba website shows a 90-day challenge that I am thinking about trying. Although they tell you to use the Zumba Rush game I may just try it using the original Zumba Fitness game. The 90-day challenge involves playing the game for 90 days and also making healthier choices for meals. I am definitely going to give this a try and I will let you all know just how Zumba helped me in 90 days!

I hope you give Zumba Fitness a try!

Favorite Posts of the Week: All Women Stalk

Every week I’m going to post some fun posts I found interesting throughout the week. This week I want to focus on an app called All Women Stalk. It’s a collection of articles written by different women. They write just about everything you can imagine. This is a member-only site. So that means you have to sign up. But trust me its super easy and totally worth it. Oh and by the way, it’s free!


This week one thing that really caught my attention was an article written by Jennifer Knightstep titled 9 Affordable Ways to Eat Healthy. She created a list of great ways to shop healthy on a budget. I will definitely be using these tips. I’m already a big believer in number three, never go food shopping while hungry. The bill always ends up double of what it should’ve been and it usually consists of 50% junk food.

Jennifer Knightstep wrote another great article about how to stop over eating! a few of these rules I’ve been practicing for awhile now. No matter what I eat I track it in an app called Calorie Counter. Not only does it have the majority of all the brands of food I eat but it counts a,lay calories everyday along with how much water I drink and if I exercise. It’s a really great way to practice Knightstep’s rules to not stop over eating!


I’m not sure about all of you stress is something I face everyday. Having a job, schoolwork, and babysitting my three nieces and one nephew stresses me out to the max. But, I never knew what stress could really do to someone. Kelly Marcus explained 8 dangers stress can cause. I knew stress wasn’t good for you but to see it all written down really makes want to go relax and have a good laugh or two.

To help de-stress All Women Stalk had a post of 20 Priceless SNL Skits. I know a lot of people say SNL is outdated but I still watch it almost every week. These skits Lyndsie Robinson put together are hilarious and exactly what I need to start off a good weekend. Who doesn’t love a good skit with Will Ferrell, Steve Martin, Justin Timberlake, Chris Farley, or “superstar” cheerleader Mary Katherine Gallagher. And that’s only naming a few!

I love All Women Stalk and I hope you enjoy it too!

What to expect: Dinner at Green Zebra and Yoga!

I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am to get started on this blog and my own healthy lifestyle! I have so many ideas I can’t wait to share with you! (Be prepared I use exclamation points a lot!)
Firstly, I want to take a look into organic food and what its really about. I plan on dining out at the new organic restaurant called Green Zebra . It’s owned by a Glassboro couple and I’m really excited to finally take a bite into organic food!
After all that eating a good exercise class will be much needed! I’ve taken so many different classes throughout the years but I never got a chance to attempt yoga! There are a few places in neighboring towns that I’m going to price out and eventually take a few classes!
Wish me luck!