Making a lifestyle change not just following a diet

Monica wasn’t always a person who loved eating healthy and exercising. It wasn’t until she was 42 years old that she found her real passion in life: running.

After having three kids in a span of eight years Monica couldn’t control her weight, let alone stay away from the countless snacks her young children were constantly eating. Those eating habits are what always killed a good diet for her, along with her lack of love for exercise.

“Exercising always felt like a chore. I used to watch my daughter run in her soccer games and I saw her joy for it and I just thought she was crazy!”

After countless failed attempts at sticking to a diet, Monica decided this time it would be different. On Jan. 2, 2012 she signed up for Weight Watchers. Little did she know this commitment would change her life forever.

Two months into her “lifestyle change” she had already shed ten pounds. Her rapid weight-loss kept her going back week after week and helped her stick to planning out her meals everyday. It was in her second month she found her passion for something she never expected: running.

Running was never a question for her. Monica never played sports as a kid so she never recalled even trying to run around. She knew if she wanted to lose weight and trim down her figure, exercise had to be involved. So her daughter at the age of 13 encouraged her to start.

“I love running. I always loved running so I wanted to help my mom love it too,” Megan Lord said.

Once Megan introduced her mom to a light jog it was inevitable that she would start to share this passion with her daughter. It wasn’t until summer though that the two participated in their first run together but that wasn’t the only one they did together.

Mom & Megan’s Race History

-July 4, 2012: Pitman Freedom 4 Mile Road Race in Pitman, NJ

-August 11, 2012: 5K Beach Run in Wildwood Crest, NJ

Besides the runs they did together, Monica also has ran by herself. She was selected to be one of the thousands who ran in the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia on May 5, 2013. The run was 10 miles long and she finished in 1 hour 49 minutes and 19 seconds and was extremely proud of it.

The whole reason she started this journey was to reach a goal weight (which she chose not to share). But, on Jan. 13, 2013 she reached that goal weight. Now she focuses on maintaining her weight and possible losing a bit more weight.

She said, “Even though I reached my goal I still want to keep up with it. This really is a lifestyle change not just a diet.”

I asked her for any advice to someone who thinks it’s impossible to lose the weight. Monica said, “I thought it was impossible, I’m 43 years old I thought changing my habits now was a lost cause. But with support from my family and friends I finally lost the weight that I’ve wanted to lose for so many years. I’m not an expert to be giving advice but I would say definitely add exercise if you want to succeed. All of my previous diets didn’t work but when I added in a run every morning before work that’s when the weight really started to come off.”

Monica’s journey is tracked below in a timeline created in dipity!


Preview: My Very First Visit with a Nutritionist

I am very excited to announce I will be visiting a nutritionist! Within the next few weeks ill be posting about my very first trip with Cheri R. Leahy R.D. at the School of Osteopathic Medicine. She is the Assistant Professor of the Department of Surgery there. I will be visiting her in Sewell, NJ on Egg Harbor Road! More details to follow!

Yummy Recipes!

The reason I wanted to create a blog about learning to live a healthy lifestyle was because I’ve been following a few blogs for a couple of years faithfully and wanted to give it a try!
Week by week my plan is to post a few things from other blogs!
This week I decided to share with you some recipes I want to try!
I know we all need something to warm our bellies especially since its been so cold! The Healthy Foodie posted a few recipes for soup, Creamy Chicken and Vegetable Soup this one seems so tasty!
The Blender Girl always has such great ideas! I love applesauce but it’s always so full of sugar! This week she shows a new recipe, Vitamix Raw Vegan Homemade Applesauce . I am definitely making this one!
Lauren Conrad’s website is perfect for just about anything! I found a great recipe ok there that’s super simple! It’s called Yogurt Kisses I love recipes that are simple and don’t take long to do so this is perfect for me!
If you take a look at my blog roll you can find all of these blogs and check out more of their advice and recipes!