Take the Insanity Challenge

It is official I have taken an extreme challenge to get beach body ready. If you didn’t already guess it…I am taking the¬†Insanity¬†challenge. Insanity consists of a 60-day program where you work your entire body in ways you never expect you could. Personal trainer Shaun T is the inventor and person on the DVDs talking you through all of the movements.

The DVDs are priced at $119.85! That is extremely pricey especially on the college kid budget but luckily for me my brother bought the program.

I never believed in at home work outs simply because you easily can slack off and not do that. With the Insanity program you may not want to do it but taking a peek at all of the success stories is so much motivation to keep on going. Personally I just keep reassuring myself that 60 days isnt’ really that long and that it will totally be worth come July.

I would strongly recommend the Insanity program to anyone out there. It is a combination of cardio, conditioning, and of course strength. I love the program even though it kicks my butt everyday.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!